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50 lb.

ADM Goat Power 16%

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16% protein, 2.5% fat, and 16% fiber

Meat Goat Power Complete Feeds are pelleted, grain mixes that
supply energy, protein, minerals, and vitamins to help ensure fast,
efficient gains for growing meat goats and provides needed nutrients
for efficient reproduction.
• Ammonium chloride — Has been shown to help lessen the
likelihood of urinary calculi in male goats
• Salt — Encourages water consumption which may
help deter urinary calculi
• Copper — Needed to build a healthy immune response and to
facilitate hoof health
• Complexed zinc — More readily available for absorption compared to inorganic
sources; zinc has been shown to support hoof health and immunity
• Thiamine — Helps deter polioencephalomalacia
• Selenium and vitamin E — Helps lessen likelihood of white muscle disease; needed
for immune system function and reproductive efficiency
• Vitamin A — Needed for vision, healthy epithelial tissues, bone development,
and immunity
• Diatomaceous earth — Believed by some goat producers to have an effect
on internal parasite load (not supplied in No. 81729)
• 2:1 calcium to phosphorus ratio — Helps lessen the likelihood of urinary calculi
in male goats
• Protein options — Match protein needs to growth or production stage
• Includes Decoquinate for prevention of coccidiosis.
• Flexible feeding applications — Products can be used in pasture or feedlot situations