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ADM Moorgrands Goat

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MoorMan’s ShowTec MoorGrands™ Goat Feed RU 81861CAU
Designed to meet the unique nutritional needs of
growing and blooming young show goats
• Provides 15.5% crude protein, 3% fat, 10% fiber, and
10-20 ppm copper
• Incorporates high-quality, highly palatable ingredients
in a texturized grain mix to encourage feed consumption
• Optimal levels of protein and energy for efficient gains
• Includes stabilized rice bran for high energy, gamma oryzanol, and
Omega 3 fatty acids
• Contains CitriStim, Prosponse yeast, and a direct fed microbial
• Properly fortified with minerals and vitamins A, D, E, and
B-complex for optimal growth, structural development, health,
and metabolic function
• Fortified with ammonium chloride
• Medicated with Rumensin in texturized form (81861CAU84)