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Goat / 50 lb.

ADM Showtec Sale Prep

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MoorMan’s ShowTec Goat Sale Prep 81072
Nutritionally balanced show goat creep feed designed
for peak performance and bloom from one week of
age to weaning (or to 45 lb)
• Provides 18% crude protein, 5% fat, and 15% fiber
• Contains CitriStim, Prosponse® yeast, direct fed
microbial, stabilized rice bran, complexed trace
minerals, and natural-source vitamin E
• Medicated with decoquinate (Deccox; 81072AZNE4)
or monensin (Rumensin; 81072CAUE4)
• Feed 3.33 lb per 100-lb body weight daily
• Mini-pellet form for more efficient feeding and better feed intake