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3 pack

Boss Buck Shark Teeth

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Repels: Hogs, Livestock, Raccoons

Shark Teeth™ work on the principle of abstinence. If they can’t touch it, climb it, bump it or lick it; they can’t tear it up, knock it over, eat up your feed or waste it! Apply steel Shark Teeth™ to the feeder legs to create a barrier that deters critters. Line the inside of the feeder legs to keep Hogs from rubbing or bumping them. Line the outside of the legs to prevent Raccoons from climbing, and pigs and livestock from pushing and bumping your feeder.

For best results apply two strips per leg. Corner the two strips to keep raccoons from bypassing Shark Teeth™ ! Break into 6″ strips and mount to the top and sides of your control/timer box. Install strips on your feeder lid to deter raccoons and large birds from roosting or defecating on top of it. Shark Teeth™ have many uses. Easily form to fit round legs as well as square.

Shark Teeth™ come in 36″ strips that are 1 1/2″ wide. There are three to a set, and the set includes three self tapping screws per strip (9 total).