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Wheat Seed (Certified)

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Soft wheatgrass is a native, cool-season, drought-tolerant, perennial bunchgrass with an abundance of erect, basal leaves. It is closely related to bluebunch wheatgrass, but the seed head has a different appearance since it is awnless. The leaves are fine, flat or rolled, narrow, pointed and from 5 to 12" long. Color varies from pale green to bluish. The stalks are erect, slender and from 1-3' tall. Flower heads are spikes which are more slender than the other wheatgrass, 5-8" long. Spikelets are not pubescent, spaced 1/8" to 3/4" apart, erect and are awn-tipped or awnless. The spikelets are 1/2-1" long and four- to eight-flowered. Although soft wheatgrass is not normally seeded for hay production, it is of excellent forage value when included in a native grass mix cut for hay, or even a pure stand that may have been utilized for hay. Soft wheatgrass produces excellent quality forage for cattle, sheep and horses during spring and summer. It also cures with high nutrient levels (protein) and is one of the better grasses for fall and winter use. Planting Rate: 100-120 lbs. per acre broadcast; 120 lbs. per acre drilled.